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Downloadable Error Reports and Media

The final section of the detail report will display a button to Download Error Geofile. These files help determine the specific locations of validation errors if any.

The Error Geofile is a collection of files zipped into a single, compressed folder. Upon downloading, the compressed folder needs to be unzipped to use the collection of files.

The files are provided in different formats for convenience, however, the information these files contain is the same. The information contained represents errors only, or where the CAD objects did not meet the standards.

  • Microsoft Excel Reports (XLSX)
  • CAD drawing file (DWG)
  • Esri Shapefile (SHP)
  • Detailed text file
  • If a submittal successfully passes all validations, only one file is provided in the compressed folder: Obj_Report_AnyProject_UT.xlsx (Object count totals for passing objects)

    Microsoft Excel Reports

    The only exception to the error reporting is the file Obj_Report_ANYPROJECTNAME_UT.xlsx. This file is the quick look at the layer name and number of features included for that layer. The layer geometry is also appended to the layer name. This file will contain both matching and non-matching layers.

    The second and final Excel file is named errorsByObjectGeoReport.json. This error report will define each issue by object in the submittal that does not meet the CAD standards.

    The first 4 columns of this report contain information derived from the CAD submittal: Layer Name, Object/Entity Handle, Attribute Name, Attribute Value.

    The last 4 columns outline how each object/entity performed for each of the tests.

    Attribute on Object Test indicates the attribute listed under the Attribute Name column was expected but is missing from the CAD submittal.
    Attribute Null Test verifies if an attribute exists, but its value is Null or Empty, the test passes if an empty or null value is acceptable, otherwise the test fails because a value is required.

    CAD Drawing File

    A CAD drawing file (DWG) with points to represent the errors are labeled by Object Entity Handle.

    Esri Shapefile

    An Esri Shapefile (SHP) with points to represent the errors are attributed with Object Entity Handle.

    These files help locate specific errors for correction. Once corrections are made, the file may be validated as many times as needed to pass before submitting.

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