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The Utility Submittal Portal is designed to validate a CAD file against the standards outlined on the Portal Home page. The CAD file uploaded using the portal will undergo a series of tests that produce pass/fail results. The first object processed by the portal that does not pass a given test registers a fail for the layer to which that object belongs. Objects that fail tests are considered errors. Errors are written out in several different file formats for ease of use, but all error files contain the same information. These files are downloadable with each report and are intended to provide information and guides for making corrections to the CAD file for final submittal.

Any fail merely indicates that at least one, and possibly only one, object did not meet the requirements. Please consult the detailed results report outlined under the Validation Reporting section to help facilitate correction. All results are presented on the My Uploads page inside the portal.

These instructions are broken into the following sections:

  1. Records Request for Civil Plan Drawings, As-Built Drawings, and CAD files
  2. Accessing the Utility Submittal Portal
  3. Meeting the CAD Submittal Standards
  4. Upload a CAD Drawing File
  5. The My Uploads Page
  6. Validation Reporting
  7. Downloadable Error Reports and Media